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"Smart Visibility" empowers you to identify and leverage opportunities within your own data so you can optimize transport networks and collaborate with trusted partners -- all with minimal impact on current business processes.

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Interested in how Smart Visibility can give you a competitive shift in your transport strategy?

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Optimise Networks to Leverage Procurement Benefits.

Empower your LSPs to provide innovative proposales by changing the game -- showing them opportunities to bid on multible lanes including continuous moves, back hauls, round trips, and LTL co-loading possibilities. Giventis ELG-Web™'s collaborative workflow enables your LSPs to capture the synergies within your network and potentially those of your partners/suppliers.

Use ELG-Web™ "Smart Visibility" to:

  • Identify efficient internal round trip flows, continuous loops, backhauls, opportunities for reloads, and load bundling/co-loading for inbound supply chains and outbound to DCs/customers -- enabling more efficient and sustainable purchasing.
  • Capture and mandage all lane data in one place - including volumes, equipment, service requirements and costs. Identify compatibility by location, volume, shipment type and frequency.
  • Implement an adjustable radius search of distance from depots at origin and destination, for visibility to LTL flow bundling and co-loading opportunities.

ELG-Web™ exposes opportunities within your own expanded supply chain when you include inbound, supplier transport lanes in your analysis. Uncover opportunities where you have LSPs delivering to your facilities and departing empty with outbound loads available for transport.

Continuously optimise lanes as networks change, and collaborate with trusted partners to grow your network.

The Next Level of Collaboration

Giventis can show you how sharing "Smart Visibility" with select business partners can work for you to create strategic purchasing relationships that will drive additional efficiencies. Optimize partner lane data with your network to deliver additional layers of cost savingts and CO2 reduction through targeted joint purchasing.

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Closed Loop/Round Trip
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Giventis is a partner and pivotal player in the EU Horizon 2020 funded NexTrust project, "Building sustainable logistics through collaborative networks across the entire supply chain."

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