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"Smart Visibility" empowers you to identify and leverage opportunities within your own data so you can optimize transport networks and collaborate with trusted partners -- all with minimal impact on current business processes.

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Interested in how Smart Visibility can give you a competitive shift in your transport strategy?

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Impact Corporate Sustainability Efforts.

Gain significant new efficiencies by optimizing inbound flows -- especially from SME suppliers. Leverage transport network visibility to improve asset utilization.

Use ELG-Web™ "Smart Visibility" to:

  • Provide top-down visibility to all inbound and outbound lanes, resulting in new layers of collaboration opportunities.
  • Integrate supplier backhauls and LTL bundling/co-load opportunities, reducing emissions and costs.
  • Leverage FTL inbound movements by giving suppliers visibility to synchronization/reload opportunities, further improving efficiencies.

Improve the cost efficiency of SME suppliers by making collaborative opportunities visible.

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Giventis is a partner and pivotal player in the EU Horizon 2020 funded NexTrust project, "Building sustainable logistics through collaborative networks across the entire supply chain."

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