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ELG-Web™ is collaboration centric by design, enabling top-down visibility across multiple transport networks and business partners. This gives you "Smart Visibility" to:

Giventis; ELG-Web™ provides scenarios to capture efficiencies whenever possible at the operational-execution stage. Leveraging transport information at the purchasing level offers opportunities to:

The Solution:

Giventis' ELG-Web™ is a secure cloud based collaboration platform that optimizes transport flows across internal and external transport networks, and across multiple shippers and carriers. It's focus on multi-scale transport matchmaking enables users to improve transport efficiency by reducing empty running and increasing asset utilization.

Make Opportunities Visible. Collaborate. Improve Efficiency.

ELG-Web™ provides the means for a competitive shift in your transport purchasing strategy. It allows you to leverage the synergies and intelligence hidden in your transport data -- supporting sustainable, collaborative long term purchasing strategies.

This "Smart Visibility" empowers you to identify and leverage opportunities within your own data so you can optimize transport networks and collaborate with trusted parnters -- all with minimal impact on current business processes.

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Giventis is a partner and pivotal player in the EU Horizon 2020 funded NexTrust project, "Building sustainable logistics through collaborative networks across the entire supply chain."

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