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"Smart Visibility" empowers you to identify and leverage opportunities within your own data so you can optimize transport networks and collaborate with trusted partners -- all with minimal impact on current business processes.

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Giventis International BV is a partner and pivotal player in the EU-funded horizon 2020 NexTrust project, "Building sustainable logistics through collaborative networks across the entire supply chain."

NexTrust is a 31 member consortium to drive collaboration in the logistics industry. Its objective is to increase efficiency and sustainability in European logistics by developing an innovative business model with interconnected, trusted, collaborative networks along the entire supply chain.

Some Key Initiatives:

  • Bundling freight volumes to reduce the number of vehicles running empty, or at less than full capacity.
  • Shifting freight from the road onto rail and waterways which are more carbon-efficient.
  • Creating and refining enabling technologies designed to optimise efficiency in logistics, including re-engineering networks and improving real-time utilisation of tranport assets.

The Impact:
NexTrust expects its pilot cases to reduce deliveries by 20%. And with modal shift to reduce greenhouse gas (CHG) emissions by 50%, load factors shall increase by 50% given the emphasis on back-load/modal shift initiatives.

ELG-Web™ is currently deployed in multiple NexTrust Project FTL, Intermodal and LTL pilot cases.

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Giventis is a leading parnter of the EU funded AEOLIX project consortium.

Some Key Objectives:

  • Design an architecture for a collaborative IT infrastructure for operational connection of logistics information systems.
  • Test, validate and implement the AEOLIX prototype in 11 living labs of logistics business communities across Europe.
  • Monitor the impacts of AEOLIX based on environmental, economic and social impacts.
  • Develop an exploitation business model to enable roll-out and deployment of the concept across Europe, and possibly rest of the world.

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CO3: Collaboration Concepts for Co-modality

Giventis had a leading role in the now completed EU funded CO3 project where ELG-Web was used in several market test cases.

The mission of CO3 is to encourage a structural breakthrough in the competitiveness and sustainability of European logistics by stimulating horizontal collaboration between European shippers.

ELG-Web™ is deployed by DHL Freight for the European market; in the Netherlands by the Top Sector Logistics project which unites and reinforces logistics in the Netherlands; and in other multiple customer engagements.