Create value, measured in reduced emissions and costs, using smart visibility to your own data. Giventis delivers the value of improved transport efficiency and increased asset utilization through smart visibility -- without the complexity.

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Uncover and leverage the business intelligence hidden inyour tranport data through top-down smart visibility, and transform the way your transport is sourced.

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Giventis enables sustainable, collaborative transport sourcing through its innovative cloud-based platform, offering visibility to data to optimize networks, improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

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smart visibility

"Smart Visibility" empowers you to identify and leverage opportunities within your own data so you can optimize transport networks and collaborate with trusted partners -- all with minimal impact on current business processes.

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Interested in how Smart Visibility can give you a competitive shift in your transport strategy?

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The Challenge

According to recent EU sponsored studies by the World Economic Forum*, 24% of goods vehicles in the EU are running empty, with overall vehicle efficiency at 43%. And carbon emissions from tranport have been rising faster than emissions from all other major sectors.

Shippers and carriers are constantly asked to reduce their transport costs and carbon footprint, all while maintaining and improving service levels to customers. Visibility across internal networks, i.e. inbound supply chains and outbound to DCs and customers, is often difficult to capture. Visibility to external networks is evenmore challenging.

Traditional purchasing strategies are by design, market driven. These strategies chase supply and demand, and it's difficult to get ahead of the curve -- especially with limited supply chain visibility.

The Opportunity

With the total cost of road freight transport inefficiency at €160 billion in 2010*, it is necessary to seek opportunities to reduce costs and carbon emissions across internal and external transport networks.

Giventis changes the equation -- reducing costs through "Smart Visibility" that helps you re-engineer and optimize your transport networks -- before going to market.

Using business intelligence and sophisticated Web technology, Giventis offers an innovative and collaborative approach to transport sourcing and decision-making.

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Giventis is a partner and pivotal player in the EU Horizon 2020 funded NexTrust project, "Building sustainable logistics through collaborative networks across the entire supply chain."

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