Delivering the value, removing the complexity

Giventis International BV is a Netherlands based information services company, offering a unique on-demand Web based service that will help you re-engineer and optimize your transport networks, saving costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Giventis ELG-Web™ is the premier cloud based platform for automated transport network collaboration and optimization. It’s the product of collective learning from shippers, LSPs & carriers.

The Giventis team has the experience to deliver results, with cross industry expertise in supply chain, operations management, logistics finance and information technology.

Giventis International BV is a partner and pivotal player in the EU Horizon 2020 funded NexTrust project, "Building sustainable logistics through collaborative networks across the entire supply chain".

NexTrust is a 31 member consortium of some of Europe's leading thinkers on collaborative logistics. Its objective is to increase efficiency and sustainability in logistics by developing an innovative business model with interconnected, trusted, collaborative networks along the entire supply chain.

The Impact

NexTrust expects its pilot cases to reduce deliveries by 20% and with modal shift to reduce greenhouse gas (CHG) emissions by 50%, load factors shall increase by 50% given the emphasis on back-load/modal shift initiatives.

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