Delivering the value, removing the complexity
ELG-Web™ is delivered as Software as a service, or SaaS, the service delivery model that enables organizations to secure immediate benefit from business intelligence and decision support software without the up front investment and hassles associated with enterprise software installations.

We'll help you to create smart visibility and leverage your logistics networks to enable new purchasing strategies.

Giventis Service Packages

ELG-Web Platform Subscription: continuous, on demand transport optimization-network analysis, with access to ELG-Web private networks features.

ELG-Web single event optimization-network analysis: for shippers and their partners needing to optimize their networks prior to going to tender. Includes limited access to the ELG-Web platform.

Ongoing subscriptions and per event network analysis pays for itself almost immediately!

Giventis Support Services: facilitating the journey

      Anti-trust compliant purchasing support

      Carrier management, tender support

      Neutral facilitation

      Audit & control

      Execution support

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