Delivering the value, removing the complexity

ELG-Web™ is a secure, cloud based platform that optimizes transport flows across internal transport networks, and externally, across multiple shippers and across carriers.

Smart Visibility

ELG-Web enables a paradigm shift in transport purchasing strategy. It exposes and enables you to leverage the synergies hidden in your transport data, supporting innovative, collaborative long term purchasing strategies.

ELG-Web gives you smart visibility to potential FTL re-loads, continuous movements and LTL co-loading opportunities within your internal networks, your suppliers and trusted your partners, offering purchasing scenarios that enable you to capture efficiencies whenever possible at the operational-execution stage  

ELG-Web is network-collaboration centric by design, enabling top-down visibility across multiple transport networks.

ELG-Web provides visibility to FTL continuous movements/re-load opportunities, back hauls and round trips.

ELG-Web identifies re-load points in your networks where carriers currently unload and then depart empty. Leveraging this visibility at the purchasing level offers opportunities to increase asset and driver utilization, reducing costs by reducing empty running.

ELG-Web provides visibility to flow bundling/co-load opportunities across your internal networks as well as multiple business partners, including….

  • LTL-LTL co-loading
  • LTL-FTL piggyback. Identify opportunities to synchronize low frequency dedicated FTL’s to create high frequency mixed FTL’s  (=service increase-inventory decrease)
  • FTL-FTL mode conversion: identify critical mass volumes for conversion to rail-intermodal