Delivering the value, removing the complexity

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" -- Albert Einstein

The Problem: shippers and carriers are constantly being challenged to reduce their transport costs and their carbon footprint, all the while maintaining and improving service levels to customers. Visibility across internal transport networks, i.e., inbound supply chains Vs. outbound to DCs and customers, is often difficult to capture. Gaining visibility across external partner networks is even more challenging.

Traditional purchasing strategies, are by design, market driven. These strategies chase supply and demand. It is often challenging to get ahead of the curve.  

The Answer: Giventis ELG-Web™ changes the equation, reducing your costs, enabling
“smart visibility” that helps you re-engineer and optimize your transport networks before going to market.

ELG-Web uncovers the business intelligence hidden in your own transport network data so you can leverage it when purchasing transport services.

“Smart visibility”  enables transport collaboration by providing top down visibility to opportunities across across internal and external transport networks. 

ELG-Web is the innovative, collaborative approach to transport purchasing decision-making, reducing costs and carbon emissions.